FAMU Law School’s Beggs Avenue Renamed FAMU Law Lane

November 19, 2021
Julien Maynard
FAMU Law School’s Beggs Avenue Renamed FAMU Law Lane

FAMU Law Alum Julien Maynard speaks at the renaming ceremony. Law students led the initiative for the name change at the Orlando campus.

ORLANDO, FL – Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law alum Julien Maynard felt humbled and overjoyed as he glanced up at the newly unveiled street sign.

Maynard returned to the College of Law on November 17, for the renaming of Beggs Avenue to FAMU Law Lane. It’s a project taken on by the 2020 and 2021 FAMU Student Bar Associations (SBA).

“So many have labored before us so that you and I could have the opportunity to pursue our dreams,” Maynard told a gathering of faculty, administrators, students, community supporters, sponsors and local elected officials Wednesday. “Therefore, we represent the fruit of a historical movement. And it is our responsibility to continue in the manner established before us and fight to preserve our legacy.”

Students in attendance were especially proud to see the green and white street signs saying FAMU Law Lane. Current SBA President Suwana Janvier was also overcome with joy.

“It was an honor and privilege to be a small part of such a huge legacy for FAMU College of Law. The rich history of the law school has literally overflowed to the streets of the Parramore community. I am tickled to think the next time I put the law school’s address in my GPS it will direct me to turn right on FAMU Law Lane and announce, ‘you have ARRIVED at your destination,’” said Janvier.

The original address of the College of Law was 201 Beggs Avenue. Thanks to approval of the City of Orlando, the law school is now located at 201 FAMU Law Lane.

The street unveiling ceremony is part of FAMU Law’s 20th anniversary kickoff. The College of Law has been in Orlando since October of 2002.