FAMU President Larry Robinson Named Florida Council of 100 Ex-Officio Member

June 14, 2022
Dr. Larry Robinson
FAMU President Larry Robinson Named Florida Council of 100 Ex-Officio Member

Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., is now an ex-officio member of the Florida Council of 100, an influential group of business leaders. 

Ex-officio members aid the Council by providing their knowledge and experience on some of Florida’s most pressing issues, said Membership Committee Chairman Rodney Barreto in the letter announcing Robinson’s membership.

Ex-officio members include executive branch agency officials, the chair of the State Board of Education, the commissioner of Education, the chair and chancellor of the State University System Board of Governors, the chancellor of the Florida College System, presidents of public and private state colleges and universities, school district superintendents, the president of Enterprise Florida, Inc., and senior active-duty military officers.

Formed in 1961 by Governor Farris Bryant, the Florida Council of 100 is a private nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of business leaders that exists to promote the economic growth of Florida citizens through the relentless pursuit of better business-driven public policy.It represents more than 140 companies and more than 1.3 million employees. Council members have achieved a high degree of success and recognition in their business or profession; have demonstrated involvement in Florida public policy issues; and possess the personal qualities of character, personality, and leadership ability.

The Council works closely with the governor and the state agencies, the Legislature, the judicial branch, federal leaders and officials, and other private organizations to effect positive change in the state and achieve quality of life improvements for the citizens of Florida.  Through its reports, position statements, policy letters, issue advocacy, and public relations, the Council keeps “state leaders and policymakers apprised of key topics relevant to today’s Florida and make recommendations for enhancing state policies and programs in ways beneficial to all Floridians,” according to its website.