FAMU President Robinson Earns ‘Above Average’ Rating in BOT Annual Evaluation

August 06, 2021
President Robinson
FAMU President Robinson Earns ‘Above Average’ Rating in BOT Annual Evaluation

President Larry Robinson enjoys a light moment during the FAMU BOT Retreat in Orlando. (photos: Wayne Dunwoody)

Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., received an overall 4.45, above average rating, from members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) in his annual evaluation.

The evaluation was released prior to the BOT’s annual retreat in Orlando, Wednesday. Robinson’s contract comes up for renewal each December. He was appointed the University’s 12th president in 2017.

“I am blessed to work with a supportive Board during some of the toughest times this University has faced. I must attribute our successes to this and a highly competent and dedicated team of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, working together with a clear vision for our future,” Robinson said. “I am confident that with the partnership between the board and me, along with the continued support of our team, we will build on our strengths and implement new strategies for even greater student success, enhanced fiscal position and state-of-the-art facilities on our journey to be among the top 100 public universities in America.” 

As part of the evaluation, all of the 13 trustees evaluated Robinson on 11 factors – annual priorities and goals; strategic and academic leadership; organizational management; financial management; fiscal administration; fundraising; communication; relations; internal and external relations; board and government relations; and personal values. 

Under the rating scale, trustees scored five points for superior; 4 for above average; 3 for average; 2 for below average; 1 for poor. None of the trustees rated President Robinson below 3.0 in any of the areas being evaluated. 

Robinson scored the highest ratings in relations (4.7); internal and external relations (4.6); board and government relations (4.7) and communications (4.6).

“Dr. Robinson begins all his work and mission with decency and humanity. I am deeply proud of him,” one trustee wrote in comments in the area of relations.

In the area of communications, one trustee wrote, “The president is a warm, thoughtful, inclusive communicator. It is a great and vital strength.”

In the area of organization management, trustees acknowledged the challenge posed by key leadership departures. 

“The president has had a lot of turnover in key positions in his direct staff and key leaders. Great work filling the positions, but this does slow down improvements and advancement as you have to get new leaders onboarded and acclimated to the University. Good operating models are in place to drive rigor and results,” one trustee wrote.

Another trustee added: “President Robinson has built a strong team; ensuring key roles are filled and that staff can devote proper time to their duties is critical.”