FAMU ROTC Alumni Donate $46K For Rattler Battalion Scholarships

April 05, 2023
Rattler Battaloin
FAMU ROTC Alumni Donate $46K For Rattler Battalion Scholarships

Florida A&M University ROTC Alumni donated more than $46,000 to the Legacy Scholarship Fund. The money was raised by Reserved Office Training Corps alumni who each committed to donate $1,000 annually for scholarships for cadets in the Rattler Battalion, the FAMU ROTC Program.
“It’s a great Day for FAMU ROTC Program. We would like to thank the Rattlers for their support of the newly formed FAMU Army ROTC Leadership Legacy Scholarship,” said retired Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo M. Kinsey.

Among the donors are:

LTC Kennisha Allen
LTC Xavier Allen
Mr. Terry Arnold
LTC David Ballard
LTC(R) James Chris Chrishon
COL(R)  Gregory L Clark
Col(R) Rolanda Colbert
Maj(R) Erika Dotson
LTC(R) Ric Fair
Tracey Glenn
Maj(R) Charlie Jackson
Melody Jacobs
Col(R) Miciotto Johnson
LTC(R) Rick Kinsey
LTC(R) Antoine Martin A.w. Martin
LTC Canisha Martin
Col Eli Patrick
LTC(R) Maurice S. Pickett
LTC(R) Rodney Pitts Ranger Ranger
LTC(R) Larry Rentz
Keith Shannon
Col(R) Keith Stubbs
Lorye J. Truesdale
Col Anece White
Col(R) Chris Wynder
LTC Rhonda Wynder
Jerry Young