FAMU Marching ‘100’ Band Camp Draws Over 360 Talented Students

July 28, 2023
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FAMU Marching ‘100’ Band Camp Draws Over 360 Talented Students

Florida A&M University Marching “100” Band Camp attracted more than 360 middle and high school students from across the state and as far as California and Michigan.

The 29th annual Marching 100 Summer Band Camp offered students the opportunity to improve their music proficiency, improve their marching concepts, play in small chamber groups, as well as perform concert band and jazz ensemble music. 


Emphasizing the camp’s mission, Director of Bands Shelby Chipman, Ph.D., said the goal was to provide a comprehensive music education opportunity for students while identifying the best talents to join FAMU.

“Eighteen students from the class of 2023 were set to enroll at FAMU this fall, with an additional 76 students from the class of 2024,” said Chipman. He expressed hope that these talented individuals would be admitted in the fall semester, becoming a significant pool for recruitment efforts in the future.

ElCarla Lafleur, a sophomore (what’s her major and hometown?at the university, recalled her experience as a high school camper.

“I remember coming to summer camp and seeing the Marching ‘100’ play in 2019. Now, I’m here playing the alto saxophone,” she said. “It’s just so amazing.”\
Throughout the week-long camp, students to practiced on the Marching ‘100’ practice field, honing their skills and refining their performances. The parade, which took place on July 20, drew a crowd of FAMU supporters, family, and friends of the campers. Saturday’s performance, showcased their hard work and talent by performing a halftime show at the Al Lawson Center, eagerly anticipated by their families and friends.


Once the campers get a glimpse of FAMU and all it offers, they seldom want to leave, as no one does it quite like them,  Lafleur said.

“The awe-inspiring campus, camaraderie among staff, and the opportunity for students to learn the music and moves of the Marching ‘100’ make it an unparalleled experience,” said Lafleur.