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A Message from the Director

The FAMU Facilities Planning and Construction Department provides a variety of services and expertise in the management of capital improvement projects ranging from minor renovations to major new construction projects.

Our mission is to complete capital projects that are consistent with FAMU’s Strategic Plan that strategically enhance campus residence, athletics, recreational, instructional and research facilities.

We are committed to enhancing our facilities by strategically reallocating existing resources and identifying new revenue sources, such as developing public-private partnerships, to ensure campus facilities are upgraded, maintained, and refreshed in order for our students have an “Exceptional Student Experience.”

Our department will design, construct, and maintain an exceptional and cost-effective living, learning and working environment. Increasing the number of high-quality facilities will improve the overall student experience and assist FAMU in preparing students to take their place in the workforce and the global society. Our department will design, construct, and maintain an exceptional and cost-effective living, learning and working environment.



Services Provided

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Office of Facilities Planning and Construction plans and designs campus spaces and provides maps, blueprints and other building information. It also manages much of the construction projects and renovations on campus.

Space Planning/Design and Minor Projects

Our office provides services to faculty and administrators who require modifications to their office, such as putting in a cubicle or changing the layout in their office. This does not include adding an office to a building. An example of a need for modification of an office is to put in a cubicle or change the layout in their office. This service does not include modifications such as adding an office to a building, but only pertains to redesigning the space that is currently in the building or office. You can initiate this process by completing a Facilities Space and Project Request Form.

Campus Maps

Our office provides campus maps, blueprints and floor plans to anyone by request. Download the standard viewable map or request a custom viewable map by contacting our office at 850-599-3197.

Program Development/Design

Programs are developed for all projects whose construction costs exceed $1 million. Construction programs establish the scope of each project.

Project Management for Renovations and New Construction

Our office oversees and manages campus renovations and all new construction projects.


Facilities, Planning and Construction Team

Name Title Phone
Chris Hessel Associate Vice President (AVP), Facilities Planning, Construction and Safety (850)599-8033
Craig Talton Director, Facilities Planning and Construction (850) 412-7509
Brittany Farrior Assistant Director, Facilities Planning (850) 599-8004
Deborah Jackson Business Analyst (850) 599-8008
Jerdeen Jones Coordinator, Facility Space (850) 599-8006
Jerdeen Lightbourne Project Manager (Minor) (850) 412-7511
Elston Peets Project Manager (850) 599-8041
David Rosenfeld Project Manager (850) 561-2435
Bodie Young Project Manager (Minor) (850) 561-2396
Jerome Swaine Project Coordinator (850) 412-7508
Pamela Williams Coordinator, Accounting (850) 412-7510
Omrye Young Administrative Assistant (850) 599-3197



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Project Request Type*
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What is the desired completion date?
Please describe the purpose, scope, and urgency of the project.
Inventory Classification
Will the project change the inventory classification of the rooms? (Such as teaching lab to research lab)
Room Number Change
Will this project change the number of rooms by dividing/reconfiguring the space or combining the space?
Will this project alter the budget classification of the space? (Such as E&G, C&G or AUX): if yes, please identify.
[Project Funding]
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To request services, please contact the Service Response Center:

Phone: (850) 599-3525
Fax: (850) 599-3938
Email: ServcRspCtr@famu.edu
AiM Customer Request (login required). Click Here
University Housing Requests Only: HousingMaintenance@famu.edu
After-hour Emergency Services: Please Call the Chiller Plant at  (850) 599-3266



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