Winter Break '21 – Hall Closing Information

November 19, 2021
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Winter Break '21 – Hall Closing Information

The Fall 2021 semester is quickly approaching its end. Very soon, the holiday season will be upon us, and we will be preparing for a well-deserved winter break of rest and relaxation. As such, we wanted to take this time to remind you of some very important dates as it relates to the opening and closing of your hall.

Please be advised that ALL the traditional residential facilities will close at 12 p.m. on Saturday, December 11, 2021. Residents will be charged a minimum fine of $100, if not signed out by this time. Access to the building will be turned off at this time. No re-entry until Tuesday, January 4, 2022, at 9 A.M. Although Palmetto Apartments don't close, residents must adhere to cleaning & signout guidelines.

All students should make the necessary arrangements to vacate prior to the designated closing time, except for individuals who have been given written approval by University Housing Director, Dr. Jennifer Wilder or residents who live in the Palmettos Apartments. 

If you are returning to the University and are returning to the same room in the spring of 2022, it will NOT be necessary for you to remove all your belongings from your room; however, you are advised to be sure to take all belongings that you anticipate needing over the winter break. The facilities will be closed and secured until we open for the spring semester, and you will NOT be allowed reentry. Students should also be aware that the University assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft of any personal property that is left in the room during the winter break. Therefore, residents may want to take extra precautions to secure belongings that are deemed most valuable such as jewelry, video game systems, audio equipment, money, etc. or even take them with you. We also continue to encourage residents to secure renter’s insurance.

Returning COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Proof of full vaccination or a negative test result (taken no more than 3 days prior to your return move-in date) is required for you to move-in. UPLOAD LINK:

  • Full vaccination is 2 weeks after a single dose of Jansen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine or 2 weeks after receiving both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.
  • Face coverings are expected to be worn by all persons assisting with move-in
  • We encourage all participants to exercise social distancing from others
  • If you or anyone attending move-in with you are feeling sick; displaying symptoms of flu or COVID-19; have a positive COVID-19 or positive flu test; or have not completed a health department or provider advised quarantine or isolation period; you should not come to campus and will need to reschedule your returning move-in time.

Prior to leaving at the conclusion of the Fall 2021 semester, be sure to do the following as there will be a final room inspection after the building has closed:

  • Discard all trash and perishable food from the room.
  • Clean all surfaces including, but not limited to floors, sinks, toilets, and showers.
  •  Make sure your belongings are stored on your side of the room
    • Polkinghorne Village: In your own bedroom, not in foyer or bathroom.
  • Turn off lights and unplug all personal electronics, except refrigerator
  • Empty and clean the refrigerator
  • Sign-out at the front desk before leaving.

IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT BE RETURNING to Florida A&M University for the Spring 2022, please report to the University Housing Office in the CASS Building, Suite 305 immediately andcomplete a Housing Cancellation Form. If you are not returning in the spring, you will need to remove all your belongings from your room prior to leaving for the winter break; be properly checked out of your room by a housing staff member; and you must return your room key and access card prior to leaving. Failure to turn in your room key and/or properly check out will result in additional fees for improper-check out (minimum of $100) being posted to your student account. PLEASE BE ADVISED: If your cancellation request is approved then you enroll in classes for spring 2022, the housing fee will be reapplied to your student account.

EXCEPTIONS: Current residents of Palmetto South or Phase 3, will not have to vacant the premises on Saturday, December 11, 2021, at 12 P.M. You must however, complete the extended stay document provided by your Resident Director.

If there is a vacant bed space in your apartment or suite, more than likely a student will be assigned to the space to begin the spring semester. Please ensure your personal items do not infringe upon their right to their space. Please clean your living spaces prior to leaving for break so that all new residents may have a smooth transition into their new home. Occupying another resident’s living space may cost you a minimum of $100.

Have a successful remainder of your semester, good luck on finals, we hope you have enjoyed your on-campus experience so far, have an amazing winter break and we look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Please do not hesitate to call your RD with any questions or concerns. You may also contact University Housing at 850-599-3651.

Best wishes and happy holidays from the University Housing Staff.