Fall 2021 Freshman Orientation Registration


Welcome to Fall 2021 Orientation Registration

Please read through the information listed below carefully before registering for your orientation session.


Please visit orientation.famu.edu to complete the pre-orientation program prior to registering for your orientation session. You will need to use your iRattler username and password to log in.

Parent/Family Members are strongly encouraged to create a Guest Account to learn about the university resources and services available to your student.

Orientation Dates

Session I ~ June 23-25, 2021   Online Orientation Registration closes on June 16th  
School of Allied Health Sciences
School of Nursing

Session II ~ June 30 – July 2, 2021    Online Orientation Registration closes on June 23rd
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Science and Technology - *The following majors are included:
*Physics *Biology *Chemistry  *Mathematics
*Computer Information Sciences *Pre-Dentistry  *Pre-Medicine

Session III ~ July 7-9, 2021   Online Orientation Registration closes on June 30th
School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
FAMU/FSU College of Engineering

Session IV ~ July 14-16, 2021   Online Orientation Registration closes on July 7th
School of the Environment
College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities - *The following majors are included:
*Music *Fine Arts *English
*Visual Arts, Humanities and Theatre
*Political Science * History *Social Work
* African American Studies
*Psychology *Sociology *Criminal Justice * Undecided Majors

Session V ~ July 21-23, 2021   Online Orientation Registration closes on July 14th
College of Education
School of Journalism and Graphic Communication

Session VI ~ July 28-30, 2021   Online Orientation Registration closes on July 21st
School of Business and Industry (Including Economics Majors)
College of Agriculture and Food Sciences

 Virtual Options
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Thursday, August 5, 2021

Length of Orientation

The Student Orientation Program lasts 2 ½ days. Students must attend the entire session.  Orientation is MANDATORY for all students.

The Parent/Family Member Program is two and a half days. Parent/Family Member Orientation is optional. Only one (1) individual will be allowed to attend orientation with their student due to COVID-19.

Non-registered individuals will not be allowed to attend orientations sessions/events and cannot receive printed or published materials.

What to Expect

Orientation is an exciting time. There is a lot to accomplish in a very short period of time. Think of it as a snapshot of what you’ll experience as a student. Below are a few helpful hints to make your orientation experience enjoyable.

Weather - think hot thoughts! Tallahassee in June, July & August is HOT, humid and often wet!
Keep this in mind when packing for your trip.

Terrain - Have you heard? FAMU sits on the highest of seven hills on over 400 acres.
Be prepared for Walking, Walking and (you guessed it) more Walking!

Days & Nights - Early mornings and late evenings are all too common during orientation.
Be prepared for a full day of events every day that you’re here. Orientation is serious business but don’t worry we’ll do our best to make sure you have fun too!

Disability Services

Orientation participants requiring accommodations for disabilities should contact the Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR) at 850-599-3180 two weeks prior to your session.

Family Orientation Program

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend Orientation with their students. ONLY ONE (1) FAMILY MEMBER WILL BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER AND ATTEND ORIENTATION DUE TO COVID-19. An Orientation Family Program will be held concurrently with the student program; however, the family program is separate from the student program. The Orientation Family Program includes a series of presentations designed to acquaint the family and/or relatives of an incoming student with the campus and its resources. The sessions will provide an opportunity to familiarize parents/guardians with the services that are available to their student. It will also provide insight into the kinds of adjustments students and their families will face during their transition to college life.

Non-registered individuals will not be allowed to attend orientations sessions/events and cannot receive printed or published materials.


A one-time mandatory orientation fee of $35.00 is charged to every freshman and transfer student during the first semester of enrollment. This charge will appear on the student’s account after he/she has registered for classes and must be paid with tuition. Please DO NOT mail this payment or include it into the Housing/Admissions deposit. The mandatory orientation fee will automatically be withdrawn from the students account during his or her first semester.

Additional Fees: (Upfront Cost- Paid through the VZorientation portal- NO MONEY ORDERS are accepted)
Student Fee: $75.00 - Includes orientation meals and snacks, housing, bag, and materials. Payment must be received in full in order for your reservation to be complete.  Registration must be completed prior to the Orientation registration deadline for each session.
Family Member Fee: $50.00 - Includes orientation meals, snacks, bag, and materials. No housing is included for family members.


Orientation Registration Instructions

Before attempting to complete Orientation registration, please have your Student ID#. To register for Orientation click the following link: https://secure.vzorientation.com/FAMU  or copy and paste the link into your browser.

Once you have registered, you and your guest will immediately receive a confirmation email to the email address entered during your online registration. Your space is not reserved until you have paid in full. 

*****Please be aware that our emails sometimes are placed in bulk, spam, or junk email boxes. Please check those as well.