Tips for Preventing or Solving Problems

Explore these crucial tips for both proactively preventing and efficiently resolving conflicts throughout your university experience.

  • 1. Sign with Insight, Not Oversight:

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    Read all information carefully, including the Student Handbook, University Catalog, Schedule of Classes, Housing/Meal Contracts, Financial Aid paperwork, etc. Before you sign any document, carefully read and understand it.
  • 2. Inquiries Over Assumptions:

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    Before you act, ask the appropriate personnel questions. By doing so, you not only gain valuable insights into the situation but also have the opportunity to address potential concerns, prevent misunderstandings, and foster a more informed approach.
  • 3. Procedure Perfection:

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    Follow all procedures. Adhering to established procedures is vital to confirm that tasks have been completed accurately and in the correct order. It also provides a solid foundation for preventing and resolving conflicts by demonstrating your commitment to fairness, consistency, and professionalism.
  • 4. Timely Docs, No Paradox:

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    Be prepared by making sure that all documents requested from you, are submitted to the appropriate office in a timely manner.
  • 5. Paper Trails & Document Tails:

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    Keep copies of all the documents you submit. They serve as a tangible record of your academic journey, verifying your submissions in case of discrepancies or disputes, and providing crucial evidence for appeals or grievances.
  • 6. Politeness Prevails:

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    Don’t be rude. It will probably make matters worse. Remaining civil fosters better communication, reduces the risk of escalation, preserves relationships, and ultimately enhances your ability to resolve disputes effectively.




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